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Background: What is the Mcgyan® Process?
A new way to produce biodiesel in a fixed bed flow-through reactor that could change how the industry produces this renewable fuel has been developed. This technology was initially developed at the University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry by Dr. Peter W. Carr for separation science and then conceived of for biodiesel catalysis by Professor Arlin Gyberg of Augsburg College and Dr. Clayton McNeff, cofounder of Ever Cat Fuels, LLC. The key to this new technology is a highly efficient, heterogeneous metal oxide-based catalyst reactor that efficiently and economically converts feedstock plant oils and animal fats to biodiesel. 

Figure Left: Scanning Electron Micrograph of the High
Surface Area, High Temperature and Pressure Stable Metal
Oxide Catalyst Used in the Mcgyan Process.



Learn More by Reading The Green Miracle - A Book by Dr. Clayton McNeff

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